Saturday, May 12, 2012

Still in Shock

Well as I said on the last post, I was going to an amusement park the next day with a couple of the other exchange students. It was a blast! The only thing that was bad was the weather, but now that I have been living here for about 10 months, I have kind of gotten used to that. Anyway, the place wasn't that busy. I think the longest we ever had to wait was 30 minutes and people here tend to think that 30 minutes is such a long time to wait. Sometimes I can't help but laugh because most places in the USA you normally have to wait at least an hour. Anyway, last Friday was an awesome day with some of my good friends. Our group is like a family and it is always great when I am able to hang out with other exchange students. Last Saturday, I finally had a relax day after that hectic vacation. Then I was at it again on Sunday. I went to a small town called Horn which is about 30 minutes from where I am. While I was there I visited a family that has been so great to me since I have been here. I have seen them several times. I only know them because my youth minister back at home met them before (I don't know if I had mentioned that before). They are such a great family and have helped me out so much this year. They are truly a blessing. I was there for XLT which is a worship night (I am sure I have mentioned this before). It was absolutely amazing. Sunday was definitely the "Highlight" of my vacation. I got to spend time with a great family and I got to go to Church. That to me is an awesome day! The next day I was back at school. I keep telling myself that time is just going to keep flying by and it is. Every week seems so short, but that is probably because I have been so busy lately. The week at school was just another normal week filled with everyday exchange student stuff. Tuesday I made it back to my host club after close to a month so it was definitely nice to see everyone again. Thursday I had basketball practice and I made sure I was extra loud this time. The season is over now but we are still practicing. I know I have said this before but the basketball team that I am part of is a great team. We are all friends and they have helped me out so much this year too. If I am having a down day, I show up at practice and I just can't stop smiling and laughing. All of them are such great friends and I am going to miss them a lot when I leave, but one day I will show up and surprise all of them. I now have only ten days of school left. The Europe Tour begins three weeks from today and next week I have off from school Thursday and Friday and then the week after that I have Monday off as well. It really makes me realize how little time I have left here. Tomorrow my host sister and her boyfriend are taking me to a city up north called Den Bosch. I have been there before but we only walked around for about an hour but I absolutely loved it so I can't wait! These next few weeks I am going to be really busy and then soon enough I will be going on the Europe Tour! I am so excited for these last few weeks that I have here! I will try and update again and thanks for reading!

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