Thursday, March 17, 2011

Can't Stop

I know I wrote yesterday, but that is okay. Wherever I am, I can't seem to stop thinking about going to The Netherlands for a year. I am filled with joy and I don't think I have ever been this happy before. Every word now that comes out of my mouth has to do with studying abroad. I don't know if that is a bad thing or not, I don't think it is, maybe it just shows how ready I am to do this. Only nine days left until I turn sixteen and only five months left until I leave to The Netherlands for an entire year! I am glad I have school for the next two and a half months to pass the time. I am ready to bring two cultures together to make the world closer together. Netherlands here I come!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Thing First

As you know or may not know, I will be turning 16 soon. Quite frankly, I think it is pretty exciting. This coming year will be no normal year or even close to a normal year. I will be spending about 10 months abroad in The Netherlands. Excitement has taken its toll on me, but that is quite all right. This is a dream that I have worked really hard to reach and I won't let anything or anyone stand in the way of it. This educational and adventurous journey will open my eyes to so many new things. A new culture, new families, new food, new architecture, a new country, new friends and most importantly a new life. Is that it? I don't think so. I have been asked what I expect to do abroad, but to be honest, I have no idea. I know that I have expectations and I know that they will be reached, but I can't predict what I will do or what I want to do. A new country is just too new to know anything. No matter how much research I do, nothing will prepare for what I am about to do.

I feel scared and excited at the same time. My happiness and excitement definately out weighs my fear. I know that I am ready to experience a great year abroad in a country that I have always dreamed of going to. I refuse to turn back on my decision to go abroad and experience the best year of my life. This decision is by far the best decision I have ever made and I haven't even experienced what the decision is about to offer. Just by the thought of studying abroad, I already know more about myself then I ever would have imagined, but I know that there is a lot more to know about myself and I will figure most of that out while I am abroad in a great country. I am now just 5 months away from achieving my dream, but these 5 months will be the fastest five months ever, that is until I am abroad anyway. I am ready to embark on this journey and have the best year of my life!